In Person or Online: A Tale of Two Planners

Every day, we talk to many people in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield who haven’t given much thought to preplanning their arrangements. In some cases, they didn’t even know it was a possibility. Others simply haven’t gotten around to it, or are putting it off until they’re older.

But our team at Krause Funeral Homes knows how much a little planning now matters. In short, preplanning puts you in the driver’s seat. You can decide whether you want a traditional burial or cremation. You make the call on details like specific songs or readings you’d like included in the funeral. In doing so, you gain peace of mind for yourself, and you take the pressure off your family members who would otherwise have to make these many decisions. Because as we all know, family dynamics can be difficult to navigate in the best of times, not to mention when in the throes of grief.

Doesn’t it make sense to plan ahead, calmly and sensibly, when you’re able to think through your decisions? As you consider preplanning, remember that, with Krause Funeral Homes, the process is easier than ever. You can begin preplanning from the comfort of home with our easy-to-use online planning form. You don’t have to ever come into the funeral home if you don’t want to! Now, that’s not the right choice for everyone, which is why we have preplanning specialists you can meet with at any of our four locations in Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin.

Which option would you prefer? Planning online or planning in person? Here are two stories that might help you decide:

Planning in Person: Theresa’s Story

If there’s one thing Theresa has in mind for her funeral, it’s that she wants an uplifting service that reflects her larger-than-life personality. She’s been to many funerals over the years and generally feels the ones she has attended were not very personal and most were generally somber affairs. Theresa does not want her farewell to be like that. She wants it to be colorful and joyful – she wants people to leave thinking it was the best party they’ve ever been to! But she’s not quite sure how to make that happen. She’s unfamiliar with the options available but is sure that a firm like Krause Funeral Homes will know how to make it happen. That’s why she chose to meet with our team and walk through the preplanning process in person.

Theresa reached out to us by phone and set up a time to come in. She appreciated how the staff explained all of the options for the funeral, personalization, visitation, and receptions with food and beer or wine. She knows her arrangements are going to be unique and leave her loved ones feeling joyful in spite of their loss. Theresa left our office confident in the decisions she made, and happy that she had taken the time to stop by.

Planning Online: Andrew’s Story

In the past year, Andrew has attended funerals for his uncle, cousin, and next-door neighbor. Andrew noticed how each service was different, with personalized details that brought a unique feel and set a certain tone. He could also see that the many decisions that had to be made added stress to the immediate family. Andrew didn’t want to put his loved ones in the same situation, so he decided to preplan.

Andrew felt he had a keen knowledge of not just the options available to him, but exactly what he was looking for – and it was a simple farewell, without a lot of fanfare. He was surprised – and grateful – to learn he could fill out our preplanning forms online anytime, anywhere, from any internet-connected device. He selected his service preferences, made sure the necessary paperwork was in order, and even chose his favorite readings and music. All from the comfort of home on his laptop. Andrew felt a sense of peace after completing the process, knowing the arrangements were in order, and that he would spare is family from having to make such important decisions while under duress. He recommends online preplanning to anyone, noting that the convenience is unbeatable.

As you think about preplanning your own arrangements, remember how writing down a few clear directives today can make a difference for your loved ones down the road. Reach out to us or visit our online preplanning section to get started.

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