I Want an Unconventional Funeral – How Do I Ensure it Happens?

When some Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin families sit down with us to plan a tribute for their loved one, it’s clear they want a traditional religious funeral.

A visitation at one of our four funeral home locations or their place of worship.

A funeral that includes personal details like favorite songs, readings, and a eulogy or two given by close friends or family members.

A visit to the final resting place for a burial ceremony followed by a reception to share food and memories.

We also often help write meaningful obituaries that includes any necessary logistics along with information at the family’s request. From transportation, to military honors, to keepsakes for guests to bring home, our team of professionals knows exactly what needs to be done to create an unforgettable day.

But what about Milwaukeeans who want a different kind of farewell? Something more unique? How can they make sure their preferences are honored?

Planning a Personal Farewell

At Krause, the answer is simple: When you preplan with us, your wishes are put into writing and we guarantee they will be honored when the time comes.

Let’s say you want to give a nod to your passion for the environment by having a green burial with a pine or wicker casket, a tree planting, and a request for donations to your favorite earth-focused charity. All you have to do is express those preferences to us and you can have peace of mind knowing we will follow through.

Maybe you prefer the services of a certified celebrant to a member of the clergy. Perhaps you want to be cremated and have your remains scattered at a location you hold dear. Or how’s this for an option that has Milwaukee written all over it? Those who are fans of Harley Davidson often request the use of our 19th century-style hearse drawn by a V-twin-powered 3-wheel Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle.

Others want to be sure their funeral has more of a celebratory tone, with guests enjoying festive food and drink including their favorite beer (since Krause is the first funeral home in Wisconsin to obtain a state license to offer in-house catering facilities including beer and wine, you can include your beverage of choice).

There are countless “unconventional” details that can be included at a funeral, burial, and reception – and it’s easier than ever to make these plans with Krause Funeral Homes.

How to Preplan with Krause

You are always welcome to stop by any of our four locations, make arrangements online using our planning form, or take advantage of our virtual planning option. Thanks to this amazing technology, we are now able to meet “face to face” with the homebound, families who are spread all over the country, and those who aren’t yet ready or able to meet with us in person.

Be sure to take a look at our online planning checklist so you can know exactly what information you need to be prepared ahead of time. After all, there are 100 detailed decisions that need to be addressed!

No matter your end-of-life wishes, we can’t say it enough: Getting preferences in writing is a step no one regrets. Most people have strong opinions about what they want their arrangements to look like, and it’s an honor to be able to tell them we will follow their ideas to a T.

We’re always available to help so you can have a tribute your family and friends will remember forever. Contact us today to start planning.

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