How to Make a Funeral a Walk Down Memory Lane

When a loved one dies, there are so many memories attached to them. Incorporating these memories into their funeral service is a beautiful way to honor their life. There are lots of ways to make a funeral a walk down memory lane. At Krause Funeral Home, our experienced staff is skilled at creating memorable ceremonies for families in Brookfield, Milwaukee, and New Berlin. We recommend personalizing your loved one’s service to get even closer to them after their death.


Here are some of our favorite ways to help families honor their loved ones:


Incorporate memories of those who knew them.  

There’s a significant chance that lots of people had a unique relationship with your loved one. Family and friends likely have lots of stories to tell about the impact this special person had on their lives. Many may even be comfortable sharing their stories with you for the purpose of integrating them into the funeral service. Perhaps you assemble a memory board featuring handwritten notes, stories, quotes, and poems related to your loved one.


Display old photos of your loved one.

Revisiting old photographs of your loved one is a great way to feel connected to them even after they’re gone. As you pull out old photo albums and sift through vacation reels, you may find images you’ve never seen or completely forgotten about. It’s a beautiful way to reacquaint yourself with your loved one in preparation of their funeral. Consider repurposing your favorite photos by including them in the funeral service program or creating a video tribute in their memory.


Revisit your loved one’s possessions.

The items your loved one owned and used every day may well be some of the most meaningful objects in your home. Some people struggle with what to do with these items after a loved one’s death. A great way to honor their life is to mindfully keep, donate, or recycle them. At Krause, we help families integrate their loved one’s favorite things into their memorial service.


Enlist the help of a certified celebrant.

 If you’d like to honor your loved one in a nontraditional way, consider having a celebrant lead the memorial service. The goals of our celebrant services at Krause are personalization and helping families organize a meaningful tribute. A celebrant can help families use stories, songs, poems, pieces of scripture, and a variety of other resources to celebrate a life well lived.


To find out more about the many ways we can help you honor your loved one, contact our friendly team today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.