How Pets Help Through Grief

Moving through grief after the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult parts of losing them. At Krause Funeral Home, we know how challenging this time of life can be and want to help our neighbors in Brookfield, New Berlin, and Milwaukee find ways to cope with heavy feelings of loss. Our dedicated staff members value our personal pets as well as our grief therapy dog, Bennie. Having a pet to comfort you during a time of intense grief can help ease feelings of anxiety, sadness, and depression after a loved one dies.

Here are some of the ways that pets can help you move through grief: 


Physical Benefits of Spending Time with a Pet
Pets have a remarkable ability to notice when a person is feeling sad or depressed. The presence of a pet is known to decrease cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone, and increase oxytocin and serotonin, both feel-good hormones. You’ll likely experience an improved mood by being around your pet. Having a pet may also lead you to become more active and get more fresh air and exercise, whether it’s a weekly visit to a dog park or a daily walk around the block.

Mental Benefits of Spending Time with a Pet
A pet can soothe feelings of sadness and can even help you feel less lonely. Having an animal companion that you spend time with can help you feel more at peace and able to handle the emotional ups and downs of bereavement. A pet offers judgment-free support and understanding, no matter what you’re going through. Many people find solace in the unconditional love a pet can give.

What if I Don’t Have a Pet?
If you don’t have a pet of your own at home, consider reaching out to a friend with a cat or a dog you might like to visit. Perhaps you could arrange to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk one morning each week or tend to their cat while they’re away on vacation. Some local animal shelters welcome volunteers to spend time throughout the week caring for the animals on site. Bennie, our grief therapy dog at Krause, offers families consolation during difficult times, and we welcome families to stop by and meet him.


Contact us today to schedule a time to stop by and say hello to Bennie, our grief therapy dog. We offer grief support services for families and individuals throughout Milwaukee County.