How Motivational Quotes Can Inspire You

Everyone deals with periods of frustration, a lack of inspiration, and/or resistance from time to time.  Maybe you’re overwhelmed with bills, struggling to lose weight, or dealing with the loss of a loved one.  No matter what your obstacle, everyone wants (and needs) encouragement.      

Adding inspirational quotes to your daily routine might be just what the doctor ordered.  Sure, some may think it’s corny, but we believe you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  At Krause Funeral Home, our staff begins every day sharing an inspirational quote.   It helps us to start our day with focus, commitment, and a smile.

Though we share our quote first thing in the morning, you may need to select a time in your day when you find you need a boost the most—maybe late afternoon, or just before dinner.  Take time for a motivational proverb or uplifting story. These words of encouragement will become like spiritual food you crave each day.

Many times when you seek comfort from friends and family, they don’t get it. They talk about themselves, they don’t have time, or they belittle your issue in an attempt to make you feel better, and to keep your spirits high.  A book, calendar, or website with motivational words does not judge, comment, critique or ignore.  It simply gives you hope and a push in the right direction.


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