Honoring Those Who Gave Their All

The last Monday of May. For many the day off marks the official start of summer – a day to barbecue, maybe spend time on the water, and have fun with family and friends. But the meaning behind Memorial Day goes so much deeper than just a good time. This is something we’re keenly aware of at Krause Funeral Home, as so many people choose us to help them remember those who passed away bravely serving our country.

So where did Memorial Day originate, and how does Krause Funeral Home participate in this important day?

Memorial DayMemorial Day, of course, is the day we officially set aside here in the U.S. for honoring those who died while serving in the armed forces. It was first
called Decoration Day back in 1868. Started by the Grand Army of the Republic (a group of Union veterans), the day focused on decorating the graves of those who had passed while serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. While there was evidence of the practice of decorating veteran graves before this time, there were so many men lost on both sides in the Civil War, that this act took on a whole new meaning and importance. By the 1900s, two such separate Union and Confederate days existed, so in a symbol of national unity, Memorial Day was established to recognize all fallen America soldiers.

Many people visit national cemeteries and memorials on this day. They might place American flags or flowers on graves, or they might visit the grave of a soldier who meant something special to them.

Here at Krause, it is an important day for many of us, but it is also a focus we have all year long. As we have helped families lay to rest both their veteran loved ones and those lost in battle, we focus on infusing every part of the service and burial with moments that show them the recognition they deserve. Full military honors, U.S. burial flags, U.S. flags lining our cemetery to respect his or her final journey, and the playing of Taps are all ways we make veteran services special.

As for the holiday itself, both Mark and Gregg Krause will be participating in the Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade on Memorial Day. We hope you will make plans to come out and see us!

Regardless of how you choose to spend the day – and we do hope you can enjoy your loved ones and the time off from work, if you have it – remember to take a moment to honor those who have sacrificed in the name of freedom, and explain to your children and grandchildren the significance of this day.

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