Honoring Our Own

Funeral directors aren’t the kind of people who need constant praise and acknowledgement.  Many receive their greatest satisfaction in just knowing that your family was well-served in the process of honoring your loved one.   This is where they draw their greatest sense of pride and accomplishment. 

But in 2007, then-Senator Herb Kohl submitted a resolution proposing a National Day of Appreciation for Funeral Directors and Morticians.  The bill was supported by a handful of other senators and representatives. 

Minnesota Congresswoman (formerly Rep) Betty McCollum stated this:

Funeral directors and morticians are vitally important in helping families mourn death, celebrate a life, and begin the process of closure. They also give advice on the decisions one needs to make as a caretaker and as a provider of a funeral service. According to the (Minnesota) Funeral Directors Association, “The funeral ritual is helpful and valuable for all who feel the loss of the deceased. It validates life and allows us to go on living. The ritual aspect is important for closure and social reasons. Attending the funeral allows us to deal with the loss, say goodbye, and reaffirms the importance of living…”

Ms. McCollum words, as well as those of the other supporters made the resolution possible, and legislators agreed that March 11, 2008, and each year following would be known as National Funeral Directors and Mortician Recognition Day. 

Today, we ask that you join with us in support of the fine men and women of Krause Funeral Home who serve our families with the utmost of care, dignity and compassion—to you, our Funeral Directors, we say a great big Thank You!  You are truly the best, and we are honored that you use your talents each and every day to make Krause Funeral Home the number one after-death care provider in the area. 

With Deep Appreciation,

Mark Krause, the staff and families of Krause Funeral Home

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