Don’t Take My Grief Away (A book you should read)

Each of us deals with loss in our own way.  

Some of us are demonstrative and expressive—extroverts by nature, and freely talk out our feelings with those around us.  Others prefer to work through their feelings privately.   No matter what your personality or preference, there are many resources available to help you through your grief—retreats, counseling, support groups, online inspiration, as well as countless books. 

One of the best resources available, and one we strongly recommend to everyone, is a book entitled Don’t Take My Grief Away, written by Doug Manning; a foremost authority on the subject of grief.   

Prior to becoming a business executive, author, and publisher, Manning spent 30 years as a minister, counseling numerous individuals and families through devastating loss, and the journey of grief that followed.  He has also experienced loss on a personal level.  When his beloved wife Barbara died, Manning was overcome with sorrow and grief.  Through his experiences, he not only offers unique insights into how we grieve, but how we can begin to emerge from the darkness of loss, back into the light of a happy and emotionally healthy life.

As the title indicates, Don’t Take My Grief Away affirms our need to grieve, and the fact that we each do so in unique ways—ways that directly correlate to the relationship we shared with our loved one.    And yet, Manning also encourages us not to get stuck in our sadness. 

“From the depths we begin to realize that we must struggle back.  We cannot stay there.  Some even get angry and the anger becomes the driving force toward adjusting and coping…whatever the force, there comes a time when we begin to react to our grief and struggle toward health.  No one can tell you when that will happen or what will cause it to happen, just know that the day will come when you begin the long climb out of the depths.”  (Pg. 52)

Don’t Take My Grief Away is one hundred and twenty-three pages of straightforward, easy to read insights on loss, grief, and rebuilding.  Its conversational style is comforting, and reaches out to young and old alike. And the impact of Manning’s words will stay with you, like the wisdom you receive from a grandparent, and will help you through this most difficult time. 

We strongly encourage you to pick up a copy from your local library or bookstore.  This is a must-read for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one

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