Cremation with Confidence: Our Guarantee to Your Family

Unfortunately, Milwaukee County families don’t have to look too hard to find recent examples of cremations gone awry. Sometimes, the mistakes by cremation providers are honest mistakes – the result of human error. Other times, it’s gross negligence and a disregard for the preciousness of human life. Regardless of how it happens, when there is a mistake, grieving families are left devastated by the consequences. This has caused many to become wary of cremation, and rightly so.

This is why it was important to us to be able to offer this promise to our families:

  • Your family member will always be treated with dignity and respect and will never leave our care.
  • The cremated remains returned to you are, indeed, those of your loved one.
  • Our staff adhere to a strict ethical code over-and-above the state regulations to ensure the best possible cremation

How can we offer you these promises? We are the only provider in the Milwaukee, Berlin, and Brookfield areas that is a Cremation with Confidence™ provider. What does that mean? Cremation with Confidence™ is a national network of cremation providers available to you who pledge to abide by a strict ethical code and perform the cremation process according to an exclusive ten-step cremation process. The system of checks and balances we have in place can offer you the deepest peace of mind.

Being a Cremation with Confidence™ provider also means we have the experience and resources you will need to create the most meaningful farewell for your loved one when you choose cremation. You can choose to have a visitation or funeral service, with your loved one present, prior to the cremation, or a memorial service after the cremation. To provide your guests with hospitality and express your loved one’s personality, we can also help you arrange all the details for a beautiful reception, including beer, wine, and food.

So, whether you’re looking to plan ahead or you’re at a moment of need, know that when it comes to cremation, Krause Funeral Homes is the funeral home in Milwaukee County you can trust.


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