Creative Ways to Memorialize with Cremation

When considering cremation in place of a traditional burial, some Milwaukee-area families might assume the variety of services is more limited and even impersonal – but this couldn’t be further from the truth when you choose Krause Funeral Home. More people in Wisconsin than ever are choosing cremation, and if it’s your family’s choice, our caring team will explain how we can meet your needs and wishes in creating a meaningful tribute.

Whether your preferences lean more towards the simple or the elaborate, Krause Funeral Homes offers many options that work hand-in-hand with cremation, including a visitation, memorial, catered gathering, and other comforting and healing rituals. The compassionate professionals at our four locations will help you put a plan in place to celebrate the life of your loved one in the most personal way possible. Consider the following ideas, while keeping in mind that we will assist you with your choices every step of the way:

Water Scattering

Your loved one’s final resting place could be a favorite lake or river thanks to a water-soluble urn or through scattering the cremated remains directly into the water. 

Personalized Trench

If your loved one enjoyed a particular park or garden, you may choose to pour their remains into a drawing etched into the earth such as initials, a heart or a special date.

Farewell Toast

Raise a glass and make a toast using special cups filled with cremated remains. Remains are then scattered in a meaningful location. This is also a great way to include others in the scattering process. It’s important to note that with any scattering option, you’ll want to work closely with our team, both to determine local laws and whether or not you would like to keep a portion of your loved one’s cremated remains in a permanent remembrance.

Reef Construction

Cremated remains are mixed with concrete and placed on the sea floor, providing new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life.


Professional pyro-technicians generate a fireworks display using cremated remains combined with explosive materials.


Use cremated remains combined with oil paint to create a painting or to commission a piece of artwork.

Permanent Possession in Keepsake Jewelry

We can offer you a number of beautiful urns, jewelry pieces, and other keepsakes if you would like to keep your loved one with you always.

Details about some of these services and more are available on our website, or by contacting us at our offices in Brookfield, Milwaukee and New Berlin. It’s also important to note that at Krause, we adhere to the very highest professional and ethical cremation standards that are backed by our exclusive Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee, so you know your loved one is treated with the utmost respect.

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  1. Those are all great ideas. I have to say that what I chose for my father was cremation remains jewelry from . It was really great for me since I get to have the necklace urn with me always that had Father’s ashes in it.

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