Creating a Meaningful Tribute on a Budget

At Krause Funeral Home, it’s our privilege to serve people from all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. It does not matter what your needs or budget are with Krause, because we are going to help you craft a service that is memorable and personal. They say the best things in life are free, and that’s true in funeral service as well. It’s the level of personalization and thought that you put into your loved one’s farewell that is really going to make all the difference.

So once you’ve determined your budget, stick to it! We’ll help you. Here are some ideas for personalizing a funeral service that doesn’t cost a thing:

  • Write a poem to be read during the service.
  • Ask a friend to play special music – maybe even an original composition if you’re musically inclined.
  • How to create a funeral on a budget...www.krausefuneralhome.comChoose a dress code and ask your guests to participate – some ideas include wearing your loved one’s favorite color or the jersey for their favorite sports team.
  • Play your loved one’s favorite music, whether that was Handel or Elvis Presley.
  • Carry a theme throughout the visitation and service that reflects your friend or family member’s life and interests. Maybe feature fishing paraphernalia or surround the space with cooking utensils and recipes.
  • Design a memory table showcasing specific items that represent your loved one’s life, hobbies, and passions.
  • There is no additional charge for choosing to use our motorcycle hearse, which has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, among other outlets. It’s perfect for a motorcycle enthusiast or anyone who would have appreciated the nostalgia of a horse-drawn carriage.

We know your loved one was special – no one on earth was exactly like them. We will partner with you in creating a service that is as unique as they were.

Think about the most memorable funeral service you’ve ever been to. What made it so special? Share in the comments below.

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