Create a Great Funeral Day – October 30th

This time of year puts a lot of focus on the creepy, scary, and spooky things in life.  In some ways, Halloween is a playful celebration of our fears—fear of the unseen and unknown—like ghosts, goblins, and the proverbial personification of death, “the Grim Reaper.”  But we know that many have a real fear of death, and that is not something that should be taken lightly.

At Krause Funeral Home, a part of our mission is to help reduce these fears by joining countless other funeral industry professionals across the country in recognizing and promoting Create a Great Funeral Day, this October 30th

As a nationally registered day of observance for the past decade, Create a Great Funeral Day was founded with the hopes of getting loved ones to sit down together and talk about death, and what they would want at their funeral—essentially preplanning their service(s).   Preplanning gives you and your family the opportunity to openly discuss the subject of death.  Though the mystery of death may always hold a certain degree of uneasiness, openly discussing funeral plans will help create a greater sense of peace, and minimize fears.   

But there are countless other reasons people choose to preplan as well.  Some choose this option because they don’t want to burden their families with the difficult decisions involved in planning a funeral.  Others simply want their funeral to be on their own terms.  Like the Frank Sinatra song, they want the satisfaction of knowing “I did it my way.”  Still others believe it’s part of being a responsible adult.

Whatever your reason, preplanning just makes good sense. 

Our staff of pre-planners are among the most knowledgeable in the nation.  They will help guide you through practical steps for creating a great funeral, without all the confusing rhetoric. 

But is there really such a thing as a “great funeral?” 

Absolutely!  A great funeral is one that allows you to say goodbye in a way that uniquely reflects your life and who you are, yet also provides a time of remembrance that will bring comfort to your family.  Every life is worth remembering, and that’s why we believe in, and support, Create a Great Funeral Day

By preplanning and prefunding your funeral, you may also address costs today which lessen the burden for your family and friends down the road.  So—isn’t it time for you to consider preplanning? 

Take the first step today by contacting our office, at 414-464-4640, and letting our staff know you’re ready to create a great funeral.   We will be happy to confirm an appointment for you, on October 30th – or any other day that is convenient for your schedule.  As always, we’re here to serve you and your family.

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