Choosing a Funeral Officiant

There are few moments in life as important as a funeral or memorial service. It’s an opportunity for Milwaukee County families to say a final good-bye – by expressing thoughts, precious memories, and feelings. It’s also a chance to tell the story of a life and honor a person’s contribution to the world.

Because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment, the choice of officiant is very important. So how do you know how to select an officiant? The place to start is by asking what they actually do.

  • They act as a kind of master of ceremonies – they will open the service, provide transitions between different elements of the farewell, let guests know what to expect, and provide general leadership and direction for the funeral or memorial service.
  • They will prepare and deliver a eulogy.
  • Depending on the family’s wishes, they may lead a prayer.

As you can tell, you will want to choose someone capable of doing all of these things in a way that will make your guests feel comfortable and bring honor to your loved one.

So, what are your options when it comes to choosing a funeral officiant?

  • If you plan to have the service at a local house of worship, chances are the pastor, priest, rabbi, or other member of the clergy will officiate. If you do not attend a house of worship, but desire to have a funeral service there, make sure the clergy member will share thoughts and prayers that fit with your faith or theology.
  • If you wish to have the funeral service at one of the Krause Funeral Homes locations, you can have a funeral director officiate the service or bring in your choice of clergy. We have a number of beautiful and spacious rooms from which you may select. We can also help organize a visitation preceding the service and even a reception right after. We have heard from many family members that hosting everything under one roof can simplify the planning process greatly.
  • Some people select a close member of the family or a friend to lead the service, but we generally caution against this. Emotions run high after a loss, and it can be difficult to lead a service smoothly. It’s also a moment you can never get back, so you want to make sure the person has an idea of how things should proceed and is a strong public speaker.
  • A fourth, and very popular option today, is a certified celebrant, especially popular for those who do not attend church or follow a particular faith. This option is also for those who simply want something different than a traditional, religious funeral service. Our celebrants at Krause Funeral Homes will meet with you and ask you questions about yourself, your friend or family member, and your traditions and culture. They are trained to incorporate into a farewell the unique stories, interests, and memories that defined a person. We also make sure they have access to a library of resources, including readings, music, ceremonies and other personal touches.

The most important thing is that your choice of funeral officiant is able to express your loved one’s values and create the kind of meaningful service that truly tells the story of his or her life. When it matters most, trust the caring professionals at Krause Funeral Homes to take this journey with you.

4 thoughts on “Choosing a Funeral Officiant

  1. A family friend of mine recently passed away, so I am trying to help the family prepare for the funeral. I like that you suggest not choosing a family member as the officiant because it might be too emotional for them to lead the service. I think having someone who is a strong public speaker would make the service much smoother and memorable, so I’ll keep an eye out for someone like this. Thanks for the help.

  2. I liked how you said a certified celebrant is trained has the knowledge to a farewell memorial. My best frined’s grandfather passed away, and he is looking for a funeral home. I’ll recommedn him finding one that will have a celebrant to speak in the ceremony.

  3. I liked how you said a certified celebrant is trained has the knowledge of a farewell memorial. My best friend’s grandfather passed away, and he is looking for a funeral home. I’ll recommend him finding one that will have a celebrant to speak in the ceremony.

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