5 Unique Celebration of Life Ideas

Over the years, many Milwaukeeans have come to Krause Funeral Homes for assistance in planning a conventional funeral and burial that honors their family’s traditions. They knew there was an expectation of the “full funeral experience,” complete with a visitation, service, and burial. The local church was involved, as was a member of the clergy. The tone was somber, the dress formal.

But our Krause staff has also seen how funeral plans have shifted and evolved over the years – and how these expectations have changed.

While we often help arrange funerals that are solemn in nature with attendees dressed in black, more and more families are embracing a different style of service. They want to pay tribute with a “celebration of life” marked with joy, laughter, food, and a focus on a loved one’s passions, personality, and accomplishments.

We specialize in helping families say a final farewell any way they choose, whether traditional or highly personal and unique. If a celebration appeals to you, consider these ideas:

  1. Choose a meaningful location. We can host an event at any of our four locations or coordinate a reception at place that is special to your family. Whether you want a full meal or specialized bar service, indoors or outdoors, catered or homemade, our professional event planners can create a one-of-a-kind event celebrating your loved one.
  2. Highlight a passion. Decorate our reception room with his beloved Green Bay green and gold. Did your loved one have a cherished collection? You could display some of these items on a special table or describe why this collection meant so much. Would a theme be appropriate? If your friend or family member enjoyed a particular movie, a specific time in history, or a genre of music, you might ask attendees to dress up to mirror that interest.
  3. Think about the way your loved one enjoyed spending free time – and celebrate it! For the motorcycle enthusiast, consider a motorcycle procession led by our 19th century-style hearse drawn by a V-twin-powered 3-wheel Harley-Davidson motorcycle. An avid Harley rider could have his or her bike brought into the visitation room with riding gear placed around it. Some families say they’ll never forget having a balloon release, where everyone shares a favorite memory before letting go of their balloons. Other families focus on their loved one’s servant’s heart by hosting a book or food drive.
  4. Hold a live music memorial. Music is often tied to special memories, so why not incorporate your loved one’s favorites into their service?
  5. For those who are passionate about the environment, think about having a green burial with a pine or wicker casket, a tree planting, and a request for donations to a favorite earth-focused charity. Give out flower seed packets as a keepsake which will eventually create blossoms in memory of your loved one.

At Krause Funeral Homes, helping families create the most memorable services – traditional or nontraditional – is what we do best. Since we’ve been serving our community for decades at our funeral homes in Milwaukee, Brookfield and New Berlin, we have knowledge and experience in putting together unique ceremonies. Let us plan a spectacular life celebration for your loved one. As we like to say, we do more than just plan and cater events – we design experiences.

You are always welcome to stop by any of our four locations, make arrangements online using our planning form, or take advantage of our virtual planning option. Also, be sure to take a look at our online planning checklist so you can know exactly what information you need to be prepared ahead of time. After all, there are 100 detailed decisions that need to be addressed!

We’re always available to help so you can have a tribute your family and friends will remember forever. Contact us today to start planning.


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