5 Meaningful Ways to Honor a Loved One’s Memory

When a loved one dies, it might feel like the relationship is over – but the bond can still be nurtured, albeit in different ways. At Krause Funeral Home, we’ve spent the last 80+ years helping Milwaukee-area families who have lost loved ones, and we understand the pain that comes with it. Our caring team of professionals wants to offer this reminder: It’s important to continue honoring memories long after a loved one has died.

Coming to terms with a death isn’t easy. How can someone who meant so much to you be here one day and gone the next? While many people feel pressure to quickly “move on” with life, grief doesn’t work like that.

The relationship you had is worth remembering and sharing with others, and we’ve come up with ways to help you do that. After all, death does not stop us from loving those we’ve lost. The love stays with us – always.

  1. Celebrate them on a special day every year.

This could be your loved one’s birthday, their favorite holiday, or the anniversary of the day they died. Spend time doing things that remind you of their life. Prepare a meal or cake they enjoyed, share stories and look through photo albums, or even watch their favorite movie as a way to feel close to them. This celebration can be especially meaningful for young children, as a way to keep that connection fresh.

  1. Honor them on “big days.”

Many families have talked with us about the pain of celebrating life events like weddings, anniversaries, and holidays without their loved one. Their absence can feel especially painful, and that’s why it’s valuable to honor their memory in a notable way. Set out their photo at a get together, incorporate a food or drink they enjoyed, or leave an open chair in their honor.  Even a small gesture offers the reminder that the loved one will never be forgotten.

  1. Display an item of theirs that makes you smile.

What a simple way to open up a conversation about a loved one, and provide a reminder of how much they meant to you. Maybe you have a photo or painting of theirs to set out in a prominent place, or a special possession they passed along to you. You could make a memory pillow or blanket out of their shirts as a way to feel especially close to them.

  1. Visit their favorite places.

Did your loved one have a restaurant, park, or scenic destination they enjoyed over the years? Or maybe a vacation destination? Going to these places can bring back wonderful memories, along with presenting an opportunity to set aside time to talk and think about your loved one.

5. Volunteer for an organization they believed in.

If your loved one supported a charity, helped out at church, or participated in a philanthropic organization, you can carry on their legacy by lending your time and efforts to further the cause.

Taking part in these opportunities will help you feel closer to the person you lost, and help you move forward in your grief journey. If you could use additional support, we’re here for you. Our staff has the compassion and expertise to assist you, and we know the best specialists, resources, and support groups Milwaukee has to offer. Reach out to us anytime.

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