3 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Having a Funeral

As our lives have grown more and more complicated in this modern age, there has been a growing desire for simplicity in all things, even with final farewells. We’ve all heard someone express that when they pass away they don’t want a “big fuss.”

But simplicity doesn’t – and shouldn’t – mean skipping the funeral or memorial service altogether. We believe it plays a pivotal role in your grieving process. Here are three reasons why:

3 Reasons to Never Skip Having a Funeral...www.krausefuneralhome.com1.) It marks the importance of the moment

What’s often overlooked is the importance of the symbolism a funeral or memorial service has for the family and friends who are grieving. We believe it’s a critical moment for you to mark the loss of your loved one as a significant milestone in your life. A funeral service, even if it’s incredibly simple and intimate, can help make the death seem more real, so you can address your grief and pain in an open, honest way.

2.) It gives you an opportunity to remember

With a service, you can express in a tangible way the love you have for the person who has been lost. Through personalization, you can recognize what made your friend or family member unique and how they contributed to your life and the world. You might feature their professional and personal accomplishments or create a theme around their favorite hobby or holiday. We can help you plan video tributes, memory tables, and more. And don’t be fooled by the misconception that you can’t have a meaningful service with cremation. You have just as many options – and some might say even more – as with traditional burial.

3.) Connect with your support system

As friends and family members gather – sometimes from around the country or globe – to say their farewells, you will have the opportunity to reinforce old relationships and forge new ones, which could become critical to you in the difficult days and months ahead in your grieving process. These are the people who loved your friend and family member, maybe some as much as you did. Gather with them, perhaps with a reception after the service, to reminisce and remember. We have seen these receptions – whether simple or elaborate – be an incredibly meaningful time for families.

And don’t let the fear of costs keep you from choosing to have a funeral service. At Krause, we can help you create the tribute your family needs in a way that works for your budget. If your loved one was a veteran, we can also potentially connect you with veteran’s burial benefits to help with costs.

The Krause Funeral Home staff are the experts at creating a service that will bring healing. Come to us, whether you’re at your moment of need, or would like to preplan, and we will help you figure out what would be best for your family.

What aspects of the funeral service do you find especially significant or helpful in grief?

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