Death Away From Home

Here to Help, When You Need It Most…

With constant travel for business obligations, family gatherings and vacations, loved ones die away from home more often than you might think. In the event of a death away from home, trust Krause to expertly transport your loved one home with minimal time and effort so your family can make the appropriate arrangements.

An Advocate for Your Family

Rest assured, your loved one will be transported in a professional manner for the lowest possible cost. We work closely with you to address any issues, such as what kind of care will be taken when air travel is involved.

Options to Fit Your Needs – and Budget

We offer a variety of options to meet all needs and financial constraints. Additionally, if your loved one has prefunded their funeral through an insurance policy, they may qualify for an additional benefit to help cover the expense if they died more than 250 miles away from home.

Krause Funeral Homes coordinates all aspects of out-of-town transfers and works to eliminate duplication of services and fees.

Contact Your Hometown Funeral Director

To contain cost, call a funeral home in the city where services will be held. For instance, if someone dies while on vacation in Tallahassee, but the family intends to hold services in Milwaukee, call the Milwaukee funeral home. This eliminates the possibility of service and fee duplication.

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