Cremation Packages & Pricing

Below are our personalized cremation packages. We offer options for all families and budgets.

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Personalized Cremation Tribute



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Memorial Cremation Tribute

Starting at $9,820


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Simple Cremation

Starting at $5,445


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Cremation Alternatives

Eighty percent of families prefer personalized and customized funerals. To meet the needs of all families, Informed Choice Funeral and Cremation Alternatives, an affiliate of Krause Funeral Homes, specializes in limited budget burial, cremation, and memorial alternatives.

This program offers services to families that have cost limitations or who do not want personalized, customized, or traditional funerals. Services can take place in a funeral home, house of worship, cemetery, or other meaningful location. While the cost of an Informed Choice Funeral is less because a family has taken advantage of off-peak or shortened hours, less-complicated materials and/or an alternate location, you can expect the same professionalism and service. Our staff is educated and professionally licensed and uses state-of-the art, impeccably maintained equipment.

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