Carbon Neutral Cremation in Waukesha, WI

As more families in our community and across the country choose cremation for themselves and their loved ones, we continue to innovate to provide our families the best options for their needs. At Krause Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, we are proud to offer eco-conscious alternatives for cremation like carbon neutral cremation. This helps offset cremation’s carbon footprint. Our firm has pledged to offset our carbon footprint for all cremations performed in 2022, just as we did in 2020.

Choosing Krause Funeral Homes & Cremation Services for Cremation

When you choose carbon neutral cremation with us, you can feel confident that our dedicated staff is doing its part to help ensure a better world for future generations. You and your family can benefit from this service at no additional cost. We support clean water initiatives along with green burial initiatives. We consider both initiatives to be important steps in our firm’s meaningful journey toward sustainability.

Our Commitment to Serving You

Choosing our trustworthy cremation services ensures you’ll receive the best care possible in Waukesha. When you trust our licensed cremation experts at Krause Funeral Homes & Cremation Services with the safe keeping of your loved one, you can be sure they’ll never leave our care. From start to finish, we provide reliable care via our carbon neutral cremation process. Experience peace of mind when you leave your loved one in the capable hands of our experienced cremation professionals.

Contact Us

If you live in Waukesha or the surrounding area and wish to find out more about carbon neutral cremation with us, call us at (414) 464-4640. A friendly staff member will answer all your questions about planning a cremation with us. Trust us to honor your loved one with affordable and high-quality care designed with your preferences in mind.