Write an Obituary that Tells the Story of Your Loved One

Writing an obituary is a big responsibility that can seem overwhelming when it’s placed upon you. Encapsulating the life of a loved one in a concise piece of writing can be a difficult undertaking, no matter how well you knew them. At Krause Funeral Home, we know how much a meaningful obituary means to a loved one’s friends and family. When it comes to writing an obituary, our experienced team is available to offer advice to our neighbors in Brookfield, New Berlin, and Milwaukee.


Here are some tips to help you write an obituary that tells the story of your loved one.


  1. Think of yourself as a storyteller.


To make writing an obituary seem less daunting, try thinking of it as capturing a life story in a few brief paragraphs. Consider weaving in quotes that your loved one frequently said or memories of things they liked to do.


  1. Contemplate major life events.


It can be difficult to get started writing any piece. If you’re composing an obituary, start by thinking about your loved one’s major life events. These can include their education, career, and family members.


  1. Keep length in mind.


In our age of texting and social media, it’s a good idea to keep obituaries short and easy to read, as many obituaries are posted online to a funeral home’s website or local newspaper. Try not to write lengthy paragraphs or use words that are hard to understand.


  1. Don’t be afraid to explore a range of emotions.


Life is full of feelings—from happiness to sadness to everything in between. Some obituaries have people laughing and crying as they read them. When you write an obituary, try to capture the way you feel about your loved one. You likely had a close relationship with the person who has died, which may make it easier to express the sentiment of your piece of writing.


  1. Consider including images of your loved one.


When obituaries are posted online, oftentimes families have the option to upload multiple photos of a loved one. Try to select an image that shows your loved one as their best and most authentic self.