Why We’re Seeing More Couples Make Prearrangements Together

With the many digital organizers, paper calendars, and scheduling apps out there, it seems like Milwaukeeans plan nearly everything these days. It only makes sense that more couples are also planning their funerals ahead of time. Preplanning eliminates the guesswork from making funeral arrangements, as your loved ones will be certain of your preferences. They’ll know exactly what you want as far as location, budget, guests, and style of services. When you think of your own end-of-life arrangements, what do you envision? A large, traditional funeral or a more private celebration of life? What about your preference between burial and cremation? Do you have a final resting place in mind?

At Krause Funeral Home, our dedicated staff encourages our neighbors in Brookfield, New Berlin, and Milwaukee to begin preplanning at their earliest convenience.

Here are some of the most common reasons why we’re seeing more couples make their prearrangements together.

  1. It eases the stress of planning.

Some Milwaukeeans avoid making their own funeral arrangements because they assume it will be a stressful or sad experience. Yet we’ve found the opposite to be true. Putting off these decisions creates a stress all its own, as there is uncertainty about preferences and added pressure on loved ones. Couples realize they don’t want their children or grandchildren to face this responsibility, especially during an already emotional time. Preplanning with your partner offers built-in support which helps ease stress.

  1. It saves time.

When a couple preplans with us, our staff provides  a planning checklist and all information required to make  decisions. From the type of flowers on display at the memorial service to the selection of a cemetery plot, we’ll guide you both through the process in a prompt and organized way. If you require more time to consider certain aspects of your arrangements, like burial location or reception details, you can establish a pace that suits you and your partner. There’s no hurry.

  1. It saves money.

Preplanning your funeral or memorial service allows you to lock in lower prices regardless of inflation and changing prices. This can help you and your family budget around the cost of the funeral and memorial services. It’s well known within the funeral industry and beyond that grieving families tend to overspend because of the many emotions they are feeling. Some may want to “spare no expense” when it comes to celebrating the life of their loved one, throwing caution to the wind at every turn. Others may feel guilty if they don’t spend as much as possible. Making financial decisions after a death can be complicated – and preplanning prevents this from occurring.

  1. It allows for extra input.

Preplanning with a partner allows you each to weigh in on the other’s prearrangements. Perhaps one of you prefers a certain cemetery, while the other favors another. Preplanning provides a setting and an opportunity to discuss this discrepancy. A partner can also be a helpful extra set of eyes while you preplan. As you work with our staff to iron out all the details, your partner might well remember those things you miss or vice versa.

If you or your partner is ready to start the preplanning process, reach out to us at Krause Funeral Home with a phone call or fill out our online form. Our professional staff is here for you 24/7.