What Are Celebrant Services?

Every family has a unique way of honoring their loved one. Many families in Milwaukee County choose to have a pastor or clergy member officiate their loved one’s funeral. Others may decide to have a more secular service with a celebrant conducting the funeral ceremony. At Krause Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we pride ourselves on encouraging families in Brookfield, New Berlin, and Milwaukee to explore alternative tribute options, one of which includes having a certified celebrant oversee the service.

To help families better understand this service option, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions our staff receives about celebrant services.


What are celebrant services?
A certified celebrant is a person who helps perform a variety of celebrations for important life events like weddings, adoptions, and funerals. A celebrant is a trained individual who works with families to incorporate unique aspects of a life into a formal service or casual gathering. Funeral celebrant services are designed for families who choose to forego a traditional religious service overseen by a clergyman. Celebrant services are an unorthodox option for families wishing to incorporate special readings, music, and other personal touches into their loved one’s memorial.

What do celebrant services involve?
A celebrant helps a family arrange a personalized service for their loved one. Celebrant services can include everything from poetry to eulogies to music. At Krause, we have a library of resources available from which families can draw inspiration for their loved one’s service. No matter your preferences, our celebrants will help your family arrange a beautiful farewell to the one you’ve lost.

What are the benefits of choosing celebrant services?
The Milwaukee community is diverse, and many people from a variety of cultures, traditions, and backgrounds call this area home. No matter which holidays you celebrate throughout the year or where you spend your Sunday mornings, our celebrants will help your family craft a meaningful service for your loved one. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, we’ll help you arrange all the details.

How do I learn more about celebrant services?
Our experienced team at Krause is always available to share detailed information with families about our service offerings. If you have specific questions about hiring a celebrant, contact our staff. They’ll be happy to provide more information and are available 24/7.