• What Is a Green Burial?

    Keith S.* asks "I've heard of a green burial but I'm not sure what's involved. Can you provide more info?" Green Burials are natural burial alternatives that often aim to avoid chemical preservatives or traditional metal and wood caskets. Remains may be put directly into the ground, either shrouded in cloth or buried in containers […]

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  • What Should I Say?

    Elizabeth S. asked Krause Funeral Homes about how to best comfort someone who is grieving. She wrote that many “try to equate something in their own lives to the grief that another is feeling. ‘I know how you feel; my cat of 12 years died of cancer too.’” While clichés and advice may be well […]

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  • Holiday Help for Grieving Families

    Welcome to the Krause Funeral Homes blog. For the past 75 years, we have served Wisconsin families, listening to their needs and answering a wide range of questions surrounding the death of a loved one. We'd like to share that knowledge via this blog, which will cover a diverse range of topics. We invite you […]

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