Navigating the Grief of Losing a Best Friend


Your best friend is the person to whom you tell your deepest secrets, the person you call first with great news, the person whose shoulder you cry on. Losing a best friend, whether it’s expected or sudden, is one of life’s most difficult events. Navigating this grief can feel impossible at times. At Krause, our compassionate staff members know what it’s like to lose someone you love. We acknowledge that every type of grief is unique and requires its own special attention and care. Here are some ways to navigate the challenges of losing a best friend.


Connect with your best friend’s family.  

We recognize that it’s not always possible to connect with your best friend’s family following such a significant loss, especially if you didn’t have a close relationship with them before losing your best friend. If you were close to your best friend’s family, it can be healing to talk to them about losing your friend. Sharing memories of your friend with them and reminiscing about the good times you all experienced together can soothe intense feelings of grief.


Try sticking to your routine.

Grieving a loved one can easily throw off our desire to complete simple everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking, and exercising. If you can take some time off work, consider spending a day or two at home to rest. Do your best to follow your usual routine as far as diet, physical activity, and hobbies go. Doing your regular activities can help you feel grounded and stable during a challenging time of loss.


Lean on other friends for support.

Let your close friends know what you are going through. Tell them what you are feeling and ask them if it’s okay to talk to them about your grief. Some people, especially those who have never lost someone close to them, may not feel comfortable discussing grief with you. Try to respect the boundaries of others and trust that you’ll find the support you need.


Don’t dismiss your feelings.

Even though you and your best friend weren’t blood-related, losing them can still be devastating. Allow yourself to fully experience all that you feel as you move forward in life without them. Oftentimes ignoring tough emotions only serves to amplify them. If you need help channeling these feelings into something productive, consider journaling, yoga, or volunteering.


If you are struggling with a recent loss and live in Brookfield, New Berlin, or Milwaukee, we encourage you to contact our dedicated staff for grief support. We are available 24/7 and happy to connect you with local counselors, support groups, or online resources.