How to Support Grieving Mothers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a stressful time for mothers who are in the midst of grieving their beloved child. A grieving mother may not wish to celebrate the holiday at all. Our team at Krause Funeral Home recognizes how hard it can be to know how to support grieving mothers at this time of year. We want our neighbors in Brookfield, Milwaukee, and New Berlin to know that there are ways you can help ease the burden of loved ones you find in this difficult position come Mother’s Day.

Here are some tips on how to support grieving mothers on Mother’s Day:

  • Reach out to them.

Grief of any kind can be terribly isolating. Call up the mother you know who is grieving to check in on her and ask how she is doing. Be sure to acknowledge her motherhood and let her know you are here for her during this challenging time.

  • Send a handwritten card or flowers.

Receiving a personal note in the mail can provide comfort during difficult days. Even if you buy a card from the store, try to include a handwritten note to let the grieving mother in your life know you are thinking about her. If you’d like to send them a more physical reminder of your support, consider a simple and elegant bouquet of flowers.

  • Invite them out for a casual coffee or brunch.

Intense grief can be an isolating experience. Try to include grieving mothers in some of your plans with others. If you’re not sure what social situation is appropriate, begin by arranging a low-key get-together in a café or restaurant. Be prepared for an invitation to be turned down but don’t be disheartened if it is. Keep inviting them out and realize that their grief may be keeping them from having the energy to socialize with you. Try not to take this personally.

  • Share stories about their child.

Nothing is more painful than ignoring someone’s grief. As awkward as it may be, try talking to them about how much their loved one meant to you and how much they are missed. Let the mother know and that you are here for them if they’d like to talk about their feelings with you. Giving a grieving mother space to talk about her loved one invites healing and comfort into your shared experience with her.

If you or a mother you know needs grief support this Mother’s Day, contact us today to be

connected to aftercare services at our funeral home. We are here for you 24/7.