How Preplanning Empowers Your Whole Family

One of the most common reactions we hear at Krause Funeral Homes after helping someone put their own funeral and burial preferences in writing is this: “I didn’t realize how much preplanning would affect the rest of my family. It has brought us all unexpected peace of mind.”

Some Milwaukeeans have very distinct opinions about their end-of-life arrangements. Actually, through our decades of helping families, we’d say that MOST Milwaukeeans have strong opinions about their own funeral and how they would like to be laid to rest.

This is why we encourage everyone to put their wishes down on paper or use our online planning form. After all, your funeral will be your final send off. What impression do you want to leave? What stories do you want to share? What words, songs, or memories do you want your loved ones to take with them after the service is over?

When you come to Krause, our experienced team can help you design a meaningful visitation, funeral, and reception that paints a picture of the life you’ve lived and the legacy you’ve built. We’ve seen how this kind of planning impacts and empowers the whole family in many ways including the following:

Eliminates family stress

There are many unexpected emotions that arise when planning a funeral after someone dies. When you add family dynamics to the mix, it can become even more complicated. It’s not unheard of for funeral arrangements to go to official mediation or even court because family members cannot decide what their loved one would have wanted. Planning ahead eliminates this possibility for your family. They will feel empowered to carry out your plans your way instead of discussing or even arguing about what they think you would have wanted. What a gift for the whole family.

You can think through your options

Preplanning brings a sense of comfort and empowerment to many people, including those who are terminally ill. Much is out of their control – from treatments to side effects to uncertainty about the future – but they are able to have say over their arrangements. You can take your time thinking through your options. Our preplanning checklist is a valuable tool that will help along the way. Most funerals are put together in about a week, but when you preplan, you have the luxury of considering each element. This includes the details that might get overlooked if someone else plans your funeral.

Paperwork will be in place

Your information will be easily accessible, allowing family to focus on one another instead of scrambling to find a slew of documents, phone numbers, and passwords. Some people leave end-of-life directions in their will or a safe deposit box, but often these are not opened or read until after a funeral. Preplanning ensures your wishes are known at the time when they are most needed.

Avoid unexpected financial stress

You’ll save money. Have your funeral home services and merchandise guaranteed with a prefunded funeral contract. This written contract guarantees there will be no hidden or additional costs for the funeral arrangements you choose. This way, your loved ones won’t encounter unexpected costs. It’s common knowledge that it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and spend more during times of duress. This won’t be an issue if your decisions are already set in motion. Plus, preplanning is free! We will keep a detailed list of all your wishes on file at no cost.

If you’re ready to get started on your prearrangements, we can meet with you at one of our four Milwaukee locations. If you’re ready to get started right now, you can begin the planning process online from the comfort of home. Remember that we are always here to make life easier for you and your family.