Carbon Neutral Cremation: For the Eco-Conscious

Krause Funeral Home is proud to be a Milwaukee mainstay for more than 80 years. This has given us a unique perspective when it comes to the choices families make for their end-of-life arrangements. In years past when a death occurred, many of our Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin friends and neighbors would host a visitation, followed by a funeral at a place of worship, and a graveside burial, often at the family plot.

But these trends and traditions have shifted as more people in our area and across the U.S. are choosing cremation. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has projected that the cremation rate in the U.S. will be 78.7% by 2040, while the burial rate is predicted to be just 15.7%.[1]

Why the change? Many families prefer the convenience and flexibility of cremation knowing they can wait weeks or even months before holding a service. Others appreciate that cremation is less expensive than traditional burial. There is greater religious acceptance, and many Milwaukeeans no longer feel they need to adhere to “the way things have always been done.”

For those who are environmentally minded and want to make minimal impact on the environment, cremation uses far fewer resources than almost any other disposition option. Add to it that no casket or space in the ground is required when cremated remains are scattered at a meaningful location.

To further offset the environmental impact, Krause Funeral Home is working with a renewable energy partner. We believe everything we do influences the world around us. To continue to offer cremations to our Milwaukee neighbors, we pledge to offset our firm’s carbon footprint for cremations performed in 2022, just as we have since 2020.


Kenya Clean Water Project
With millions across the world still lacking clean water and Milwaukee being an international hub of water research and technology, Krause has chosen to support clean water projects. For the cremations we performed in 2020, we supported the Kenya Clean Water Project. For the cremations we performed in 2021, we supported the Kenya Clean Water Project and the Ethiopia Clean Water Project. We are proud to be making this important move to go green and save lives. Through these clean water initiatives, we’re joining other eco-conscious brands along with a select group of funeral homes nationwide working to offset the carbon footprint of cremations.

Choosing Krause
When you choose cremation with Krause, you can feel confident that our staff is doing its part to give back to the planet and help ensure a better world for future generations. This guarantee comes at no additional cost to you and your family. Along with our clean water initiatives, we support green burial initiatives. These are both important steps in our firm’s journey toward sustainability.


If you have questions about cremation, the cremation process, and its environmental impact, reach out to us anytime. Stop by to meet us in person, email us at or contact us online or by phone. We’re always here to assist our community any way we can.