Frugal Funeral Planning – 10 Tips for a Meaningful and Affordable Tribute

After a loved one dies, the last thing a family should have to worry about is whether they can afford the kind of funeral they have in mind to honor someone special to them. Our team of professionals here at Krause Funeral Homes genuinely cares about the Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin  families we meet with, and we can design services suitable for specific needs and budgets. In fact, you may be surprised how many options are available to help remember a loved one in a way that is meaningful, personal, and incredibly affordable.

Think about the most memorable funeral service you’ve ever been to. What made it so moving? Were there certain elements that have stuck with you over the years? Likely, you recall the personal details that brought you memories and a smile. These don’t need to break the bank. Many have no cost at all or are completely dependent on the budget you set.

Here are our top 10 ideas to help your family create an unforgettable and affordable memorial service.

  1. There is no additional charge for choosing to use our motorcycle hearse, which has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, among other outlets. It’s perfect for a motorcycle enthusiast or anyone who would have appreciated the nostalgia of a horse-drawn carriage.
  2. Flowers do not have to be expensive to be beautiful. If you or a friend have a green thumb, consider making tasteful bouquets of fresh flowers from your garden enhanced with arrangements we help you select.
  3. Add a unique touch to the visitation and service by requesting the presence of our grief therapy dog, Bennie. He provides comfort in ways other people simply can’t, bringing instant serenity and a sense of levity into stressful situations.
  4. Design a memory wall or table showcasing specific items that represent your loved one’s life, hobbies, and passions. Was your dad an avid Packers fan? Include a pennant, helmet, or football within the display. Perhaps baking brought your grandma joy, especially at holiday time. Featuring her recipe cards and accompanying treats will surely warm the hearts of everyone who knew her.
  5. Learn about veterans benefits. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pays certain burial and funeral allowances. Check out the VA website for eligibility and rules. Talk to us about other benefits, including the presentation of an American flag, the playing of taps, and the presence of the honor and patriot guard.
  6. Will friends or family play certain music or read specific poems, stories, or Scriptures? This can lend a lovely touch to any service, but personalizing your choices can make the service even more poignant. You may wish to choose a song, author, or artist that meant a lot to your loved one. Is there a song with lyrics that are particularly appropriate for you and your family? Allow us to assist you with choosing and playing music before, during, or after your visitation or service.
  7. Ask guests to wear something in particular, be it your loved one’s favorite color or the jersey for their favorite sports team.
  8. Choose a green burial. Green burials are natural burial alternatives that often aim to avoid chemical preservatives or traditional metal and wood caskets. Remains may be put directly into the ground, either shrouded in cloth or buried in containers made of easily biodegradable materials, such as cardboard, wicker or pine. Outer burial containers may or may not be required.
  9. Bring us 30-50 favorite pictures, either in loose photo form and/or digital and we will scan them in to create a tribute video to be shown during the visitation or gathering service, or as a private remembrance for your family. If you would like them to appear in a particular order, simply place a number on the back. We can also link the video to the web so other family and friends can see it and get copies of pictures, if desired.
  10. If your loved one preplanned their own arrangements, they may have also paid ahead of time saving unnecessary costs and protecting against inflation. Too often, families end up with exorbitant funeral costs because they have to make quick decisions while under emotional duress. While you’re thinking of it, consider putting your own end-of-life preferences in writing so you can be in control and prevent your family from handling this down the road.

No matter how you choose to personalize your service, know we are always here to answer your questions and meet your wishes to create a tribute you’ll never forget.

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